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Ski Area - Val d'Isere
Ski Area - Tignes
Val d'Isere's Snowpark

Val d'Isere's beginners slopes
Val d'Isere cross country skiing
Off piste skiing in Val d'Isere
Ski Pass Information
Padestrian Pass Information
Sporting Activities
Relaxing in Val d'Isere

Ski Area - Val d'Isere
Val d'Isere & Tignes skiing area : L'espace Killy

Val d'Isere is surrounded by a vast skiing area, as varied in its slope exposure as in its levels of difficulty. 90 ski lifts and 300 km of beginner to expert runs make up the Espace Killy,

The skiing area shared between Val d'Isere and Tignes. Waiting is a thing of the past, thanks to the ultra modern ski lifts and the "hands free" lift pass system. The excellent quality of the snow and permanent slope grooming ensure ideal skiing conditions. Come into the "world's finest winter playground" and discover the Espace Killy, with its unforgettable panoramas and perfect, oh so perfect slopes.

Espace Killy Figures:
300km of slopes
Green runs : 23
Blue runs : 62
Red runs : 44
Black runs : 26
Cross country trails : 44 km
2 snowparks
2 glaciers
Ski lifts : 89
10 free ski lifts

Vald'Isere Altitude : 1850 m
Highest altitude : 3450 m
Lowest altitude : 1550 m

Val d'Isere skiing area
Take a look, learn a little and you'll enjoy skiing in Val d'Isere a whole lot more!

Nursery slopes
• Two nursery areas await you, one in the resort centre and the other in La Daille.
• These gentle beginner slopes, which are also the main meeting point for the ski schools, allow you and your children to progress quickly and safely.2 chairlifts and 3 drag lifts in the resort centre and 2 drag lifts in La Daille are completely free of charge for beginners.

Nursery Slopes

Fornet / Iseran / Pisaillas area
How to get there (from the resort of Val d'Isere) :
By the Fornet cable car or the Solaise Express highspeed chair followed by the Glaciers chairlift and the Leissieres chairlift
(1 cable car - 1 gondola - 2 chairlifts - 7 drag lifts)

Easy skiing on the highest section of the resort which is furthest away from the town. The Pissaillas - Iseran area is situated on the French / Italian boarder. This area offers excellent views of the Haute Maurienne region.

To descend from the Fornet, we advise :
• Intermediate skiers to take the Mangard slope
• Beginners or tired skiers should descend by the cable car.

• To Pissaillas area : Col drag lift
• To Solaise area : Leissieres chairlift
• To resort centre : Train Rouge shuttle bus from the foot of the Fornet cable car.

View from the Pissaillas glacier

Solaise area
How to get there
From Val d'Isere:
• By the Solaise cable car or the Solaise Express high speed 4-man chairlift

From the Fornet - Iseran - Pissaillas skiing area:
• By the Leissieres chairlift (1 cable car - 6 chairlifts - 3 drag lifts)

The resort's central skiing area is divided into 3 smaller sections :
• Tete de Solaise / Plan : This is generally the run down to the village recommended for intermediate to good skiers. A beginner or tired skier should therefore take the Solaise cable car down to the village
• Madeleine, Arcelle and Manchet : Comprised of intermediate level slopes
• The "Glaciers" bowl, "L" and "Mattis" : The upper part of this area offers easy skiing on sunny slopes

View from top of 3000. In the background Bellevarde and La Daille Area


Ski Area - Tignes
How to get there
From Bellevarde: take the Tommeuses chairlift (descent to Tignes for intermediate to good skiers), or the Borsat Express and Col de Fresse (easy descent)

This extensive skiing area, which includes the highest point of the Espace Killy: la Grande Motte (3 500 m), offers a wide range of slopes for skiers of all standards.

Vue du massif de la grande Motte et de Tignes Val Claret

The majority of slopes in Tignes are accessible to an intermediate skier.

Back to Val d'Isere...
Keep an eye on the time when skiing away from Val d'Isere, especially when in the Sache or Brevieres area as the lifts close at a fixed time.


Val d'Isere's Snowpark
Fancy a run in the park? Or you just want to have a look at the freestylers... Let's go to the Snowpark !!!

Val d'Isere's snowpark is situated on the Bellevarde/La Daille sector (2500m) and can be reached :
• from Val d'Isere by the Daille funicular, or the new Bellevarde cable car the "Olympique"
• from the centre of Tignes by the Bollin Express (Val Claret) or the Aeroski
Once you're there, enjoy the sun or try one or two runs...

What's at the snowpark ? What will you find ?
The snowpark has 2 draglifts, 1 three seater chair lift and 1 rope tow.

Come and enjoy the newly renovated park and its numerous units :
• 1 half pipe
• Different Hips & jumps
• 2 Quarters facing each other
• Hand Rails : 1 Fun Box; 1 Rainbow, several single or double high and low rails
• 1 Boarder Cross for all levels.

• a webcam,
• a repairs corner,
• a computer to check out the photos of the day,

La "Chill out zone"
• A recreationnal areza is also available with music, BBQ facilities, chairs, tables is waiting for you... take it easy...

Val d'Isere's beginners slopes
Val d'Iseree enjoys world wide reknown as a great ski resort offering the best area ever...
But it doesn't mean that Val d'Isere overlooks the beginners.
Why? Well, because before being a good rider, everybody has to be a beginner !
And guess what the good news is ? All beginners lifts are free !

Where are the beginners slopes ?

Solaise area
• In the resort centre.
• These gentle slopes, which are also the main meeting point for the ski schools, allow you and your children to progress quickly and safely.
• 2 chairlifts (Village & Rogoney) and 3 drag lifts ( la Savonette 1/2 & la Legettaz) in the resort centre allow you to head for green and blue slopes.

La Daille area.
• You can also progress quickly and safely in La Daille on "Les Lanches" 1 & 2 drag lifts

So what are you waiting for to start skiing or snowboarding right now?


Val d'Isere cross country skiing

There's nothing like cross country skiing for getting into shape...
Val d'Isere has many different circuits to offer the cross country skier. 21 km of tracks await you. Cross country skiing circuits are to be found in the Manchet valley, La Daille, near the Fornet and at the Ouillette lake. Most of the ski schools offer instruction.

Please note : Before setting off, don't hesitate to enquire about the lift opening hours and snow conditions at the Tourist Office or on the electronic information boards.


Le Laisinant area
Blue run
Le Laisinant - length : 1 300 m
Red run
Le Thovex - length : 3 500 m

Le Manchet area
Green run - Les Chavonnes - length : 1 400 m
Blue run - Le Gorret - length : 3 000 m
Red run - Le Manchet - length : 6 500 m

L'ouillette area (Solaise)
Blue run - lenght : 2 000 m

La daille area
Green run - length : 1 300 m
Blue run - length : 2 000 m


Off piste skiing in Val d'Isere
Off piste skiing is always a pleasure, but be careful, skiing or snowboarding away from the marked slopes means higher risks including avalanches and accidents.

Before setting off on your off-piste adventure, you must (even if you are a really good skier) consult the snow-weather bulletins. Never go off-piste alone, always take an ARVA transceiver with you and tell somebody where you are going. It's always better to go with a ski instructor if possible.

Beware: Danger!
Before setting off on your off-piste adventure, you must...

- the weather report & the avalanche risk.
- the snow conditions,
- the safety rules.

Go with someone
- never leave alone,
- but no more than 7 per group (and always keep a safe distance between you)
- remember it's always better to go with a ski instructor or a mountain guide.

Take with you
- an ARVA transceiver, an avalanche pole, a shovel.

For more information on avalanches, contact the organisation in charge of the study of snow and avalanches (ANENA)


Ski Pass Information
Concerned by their clients' comfort, the STVI adopted the electronic ski pass system. This new system is in place for 2006/07 season and will automatically detect and control your ski pass when you get to the departure of each lift. You will not have to get your ski pass out of your pocket any longer: every control point will read your information entered in the microchip of your card and the gate will automatically open.

A selection of 3 cards is at your disposal

1- The recyclable card
Free of charge and available during your stay (a photo is required from 8 to 21 days maximum)

2- The rechargeable card
This card is valid for 3 years. You have to charge or recharge this card according to your needs. A photo is compulsory from 8 days.
(?3 charge / card)

3 - The VIP Card
This card is strictly personal (a photo is compulsory). This card is valid for 3 years for any client who has already skied in Val d'Isere for a minimum of 6 consecutive days during one of the last 3 seasons. When you get your new « pass », you will be able to charge or recharge it. The price is £10 for the head of family and £5 for the other members of family.

Benefit from 5 advantages including exclusive reductions...

Membership advantage
- 5 % on public prices for adults and seniors (> 60 years old)
- 10 % on public prices for children and teenagers (up to 17 years old included)

Family advantage
A reduction will be applied according to the total amount spent by the family. A commercial credit note will be sent to you at the end of the season and will be valid for the 3 following years.
From £801 to £1 000 = £45
From £1 001 to £1 200 = £55
From £1 201 to £1 400 = £65
From £1 401 to £1 600 = £75
From £1 601 to £1 800 = £95

Resort advantage
Benefit from preferential prices in the resort.
- Free entry to the swimming pool (on presentation of the card charged with a valid ski pass) of a minimum of 7 days.
- 5 % discount on the Car Park Le Centre. (except season skipass)

Promotion advantage
You will benefit from promotional offers which will be sent to you by email all along the season, as well as information about snow conditions.

Espace Killy Val d'Isere + Tignes ski pass rates
public rates in £ - No insurance

Please note : .
- All passes for 8 days or more require a recent photograph.
- Lost pass: Keep your receipt when buying your pass.
When presenting it a new pass will be delivered to you the next day for 10 ?.

* Some form of identification is required for reduced rate passes (children and senior).
** 1/2 day pass on sale from 12.30pm in winter and 1pm in spring.

Val d'Isere only Ski pass rates
public rates in £ - No insurance

Espace Killy extension

Please note : .
- All passes for 8 days or more require a recent photograph.
- Lost pass: Keep your receipt when buying your pass.
When presenting it a new pass will be delivered to you the next day for 10 ?.

* Some form of identification is required for reduced rate passes (children and senior).
** 1/2 day pass on sale from 12.30pm in winter and 1pm in spring.

Additional benefits
Bonus - Specials

Espace Killy passes are valid throughout the Val d'Isere and Tignes areas depending on snowcover and only when the two resorts are linked.

During special periods displayed at ticket office, for the duration of your pass and for 10 ?, Espace Killy lift passes valid from 6-21 day allow skiers :
- a day in Paradiski
- a day into "The 3 vallees" area
- a day in Valmorel
- a day in Ste Foy
- to buy a day pass at 22? for la Rosiere / San Bernardo Area

These bonuses are valid from 23/12/2006 to 15/04/2006 when the entire area is open.

Free lifts for beginners
All lifts on the nursery slopes (7 lifts : 2 chair lifts and 5 drag lifts).

Bad weather insurance
3 to 21 day lift passes.
Included in all Should the lifts close more than 1 day due to bad weather, you will be issued a credit note for the number of days you didn't ski. Should you prefer a cash refund, an excess of one day will be deducted from the amount.

Ski insured!
3 types of insurances are available to cover search, rescue and medical costs as well as reimbursing your lift pass in case of accident.
- The "carre neige"
- The "carte neige"
- The "licence"


Padestrian Pass Information
Val d'Isere pedestrians pass 2006/2007

A non-skier?
No problem, you can still go up the mountain and enjoy the panoramic views. Why not relax on a sunny terrasse whilst waiting for friends for lunch...

Pedestrians Access
- Cable cars : Solaise, Olympique, Fornet
- Gondola lifts : La Daille, le Vallon
- Funicular : Funival
- Chairlifts : Solaise express.
- One way only (up) : Manchet express, Bellevarde express, Loyes express.

Pedestrian pass rates in £

You can buy your pedestrian pass at :
- every ski lift office in the resort
- Solaise cable car station

Apres ski
Sporting or cultural activities, relaxation, an ice driving circuit, spa, classical music concerts, fun on the snow, evening snowshoe outings... Apres ski in Val d'Isere has something for everyone.


Sporting Activities
Here are some sporting activities that you'll be able to try :

Husky sleighs
• Tarentaise Traineau
Share in the Great North adventure with Husky and Samoyede dogs.Taster outing, introduction to driving...

Snowshoe hiking
• Killy sport Shop
- Discover the mountains and the alpine environment (architecture, tradition, fauna, forests...)
- Excursions and every evening" Diner raquettes " : A hike through the forest to a typical restaurant.

• Ecole du Ski Francais
Excursions every afternoon from 2.30 to 5pm.

Eskiador & Snowberry Rond point des Pistes ski shops
Nature snowshoes for everyone. 8 pers max. Local history

• The Tourist Office may recommand several walks in and around Val d'Isere...

• Air Professionnels parapente


Swimming pool
• On the nursery slopes. Every day from 2pm to 7pm, except Sat. 25m indoor pool, swimming lessons, aquagym, high altitude training courses, sauna, steambathes.

Sports hall (600 sq m)
• Sports department
Basketball, table tennis, volley ball, handball, badminton, trampolining, gymnastics, climbing wall.

Open air courses
• High altitude courses

• Alaska
Daily from 1pm to 6pm (Toviere plateau).
Discovery outings, sport excursions, private outings.

Ice driving Circuit
• Go kart & cars. Perfect way to have fun on the ice !
From 10am to 12 and from 2pm to 8pm. Depending on the weather conditions.

Independent driving instructor
• On Ice and snow.

Ice climbing
• Easy access, the ice climbing cascade is located at the entrance of Val d'Isere. 40 m wide and 200 m high, the cascade is just waiting to be climbed. Guide required. More information at the Tourist Office.

• Tandem flight, promenade, photo, video, accessible to pedestrians.

Ice skating rink
• Val d'Isere ice rink
Located next to the nursery slope.
Open from now (every day from 2pm to 7pm) to early March. Also open every Wednesday night until 10pm..

Weights room
• Sports department
Located at the swimming pool. Equipped for skiers and overall muscular workout.


Relaxing in Val d'Isere
The spa and the balneo seem to bea good way of taking it easy !
And why not go to the cinema, to a yoga course or even more exciting learn how to cook french patisserie or discover a local craft ?

• L'Adroit farm
Xavier will happily welcome you to his farm and show you around.Cheese making, visit the farm, discover the animals. Guided tour of the farm with cheese tasting.

• Discover local crafts at Seez St Bernard
Guided tours (french) : spinning, taxidermy, gold / silversmith, blacksmith, tannery, local craft centre.

• French patisserie classes
" Best French Pastrycook award" offers patisserie classes, where different baking techniques will be covered followed by a tasting session. Price : £25*/ person

• Mediatheque
• Bridge
• Cinema
• Yoga courses
Groups & private in english and french
• Pilates courses (all year)
• Internet access
Val d'Isere Tourist Office offers 3 computers to access the net (high speed connexion).
Various bars & hotels also provide internet access

Balneotherapie / Massages


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