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Skiing Activities
Cross Country Skiing
Discover the Sky
Buggy Kart Cross
Multislide Cocktail
Caterpillar Driving
Quad on Snow
Ice Skating
Other Activities
Cultural Activities

Skiing activities
Here on the top of the peak, you will appreciate a dramatic view before beginning your slope. Then you will discover such a wealth of landscapes that you will bring back many unforgettable memories to England!

Courchevel propose different itineraries and a selection of runs depending on your level and your desires:

3 Valley skiing: with two versions "relaxed" or "athletic"
Free skiing: 7 free drag lifts for children under 5 and adults over 75
Play skiing: The Snowpark, The Canyons and Dunes at les Verdons, The Hoops at Biolley
Family skiing: 3 main ski area : Courchevel 1650, Pralong, Verdons at Courchevel 1850 and Secteur Loze / Chenus
Wide space skiing: 5 awesome spaces : Les Chapelets, Le Dou des Lanches, Les Rochers, La Combe des Pylones and Les Roches Grises
Skiing for experimented skiers : Black slopes in Les Couloirs de la Saulire, Les Noires du Praz, La M, La Chanrossa, L'epaule de la Vizelle.

Ski Passess
Four different passes: early season pass, Vallee de Courchevel, Les 3 Vallees and beginners.

Courchevel 1850 / 3 vallees ski premieres neiges (first snow) (1)

Prices in £*

(1) Reduced skiing area : Courchevel 1850 (Verdons-Saulire).
(2) Please note that the early season ski pass give access to the opening lifts in the 3 valleys (reduced skiing area).


Prices in £*

* For 5 consecutive days minimum, for the same ski area, and without interruption.
** Extension : to ski 1 day in the 3 Valleys with a Valley ski pass of 2 consecutive days minimum and still valid.
*** 12 skiing days to use when you want

Proof of age compulsory


Prices in £*

* For 5 consecutive days minimum, for the same ski area, and without interruption.
** Extension : to ski 1 day in the 3 Valleys with a Valley ski pass of 2 consecutive days minimum and still valid.
*** 12 skiing days to use when you want

Proof of age compulsory


Give access to (same price for all ages) : Draglift Ferme, Altiport, Ecureuil. Gondolas Jardin Alpin, Grangettes, Praz.

Prices in £*


For all those who love to live upside down, we've created several areas to help you experience a good dose of adrenaline.

The snowpark at Le Plantrey :
covering 1 hectare, 1 baby pipe with modules for trick performing..
The canyons and dunes at Les Verdons :
a place to have fun and make progress, discover the pleasure of jumps and turns against the slope.
The hoops at Biolley :
just like in a super-cross, moguls that you have to eat up and absorb, making your heart beat like crazy.

Perhaps you will have the chance to meet Aymerick Mermoz on the slopes!!


Cross Country Skiing
Courchevel offers you 67 km of cross-country ski trails, which are all regularly groomed and marked.

The access to the cross-country slopes is completely free.


Green trail's starting point: accross the road from the Olympic ski jumps. Red and black trails' starting point : Tourist Office.


Starting point: 150m after Brigues car-park below the road. Track through forest, going uphill on way out (watch out when crossing the ski runs).

DEPARTURE COURCHEVEL 1650 - Belvedere area

Belvedere loop Starting point: round-about next to Granges draglift. A sunny easy itinerary passing by the farmhouses at Pralin and by the Avals path.


Boucle de Col de la Loze - Starting point: to the left of the big rock, follow the piste down. A high walk (2250 m) leading through the moraine at the bottom of the Rocher de la Loze couloirs.
Ticket on sale: £6*

Itineraire du Bouc Blanc -Starting point: bottom of the Epicea draglift (Plantrey sector). An undulating walk through forest (please, cross the ski runs with caution).

Courchevel / Meribel Altiport - Courchevel / La Tania Starting point: bottom of the Epicea draglift (Plantrey sector). An interesting excursion through Meribel valley. 700m after Le Bouc Blanc, take the left fork. The right-hand track leads to Les Pres de la Croix and then to La Tania (a long downhill walk).

Torchlit descent available £20*/pers.


A slide of 2km with 300m of vertical and an average inclined of 15 %! Isn't that amazing? It is unique in France !

The run is floodlit from start to finish, allowing evening descents.

The runs departure point is located at the edge of the Tovets ski run in Courchevel 1850; its arrival point is in Courchevel 1550. Access to the sled run is provided by the Grangettes gondola, from Courchevel 1550, also its arrival point.

Sledding run hours : 9 am to 7:30 pm

The lift is free of charge for those with valid ski or pedestrian lift passes. Without a valid pass, each ride on the lift is £6*.



12 maintained pedestrian paths, 2 snow shoes itineraries ideas, and also walking higher in areas accessed by lift service.

WALKING: Pedestrian paths
Different paths proposed depending on your desire and your level, for example ...

The Sentier des Ecureuils (The Squirrel Trail)
Departure point: In the curve of the road just uphill from Hotel Le Chabichou. Carefully make your way across the Plantrey run from halfway up the Snowpark, keeping a sharp eye open for skiers and snowboarders. Continue through the forest until the end of the trail which opens up into the Murettes ski run (again, watch out for and give way to skiers while crossing the ski slopes).

Lac de Rosiere (Rosiere Lake) 30 minute descent, 1 hour climb
Departure point: Just past the Le Zenith Vacanciel‚ family holiday center, in the Belvedere district, take the path to your left. Follow the trail until you reach the chalet of La Rosiere.
(You may easily access the departure point with the free shuttle buses.)

Le Chemin du Paradis (The Paradise Path)(Le Praz / St Bon / Le Freney) - 2h30
From Praz, take the Rue(street) de la Culaz. Go past the school complex and walk down to St-Bon-le-Haut (30 minutes). As soon as you reach the first of St-Bon's dwellings, take the Chemin du Paradis found to your left until you reach the Olympic ski jumping facility. If you wish, you may visit the facilities.

... don't hesitate to contact us for further informations and for others paths !

Anti Slip Sole - 'LE GLISS'PAS'
For your comfort, a very practical aid exists to help you walk safely on icy areas: the "GLISS‚PAS". It's name is a French play on words meaning both. Don't slip and "Slide Step". This anti-slip sole may be used on street shoes. Different models may be purchased from a number of sporting goods stores throughout the resort.

WALKING: Ideas for snowshoe itineraries
Unmarked, un-maintained walking itineraries.

A) From Courchevel 1850 to Courchevel 1650 via the Plan du Vah
Start off on walking trail No. 3 from the curve in the Rue de Clarines. Proceed about 200 m , then drop down to your left, carefully descending several fairly steep switchbacks, to eventually join up with the Bellevue trail. Follow this all the way to the Plan du Vah. Here you will walk along the ski trail which drops down through the little valley (for approximately 700 m), then take a right to connect with walking trail No. 5 (Les Tuffs) which will finish just below the Ariondaz district.
Return available via the free shuttle buses.

B) From Le Praz to La Tania - 1h
After passing the Olympic ski jumps, take the trail found on your left. It will take you through the forest and to the tiny village of Tal. Cross over the road, then take the relatively flat path below that ends in La Tania.
Return available via the free shuttle buses.

WALKING: Walking higher with the lift service
You will discover the beauty of the scenery and feel like a king on the summits of the mountains!

A1) Chenus / Col de la Loze - 2h30
From Praz, you may reach the summit of Chenus via the La Foret gondola, the Cretes chairlift and a 10-minute walk along the edge of the ski run. After a pleasant pause spent admiring the wide-open panorama of the Tarentaise Valley, you may go back down via the Chenus gondola, then the Praz gondola. Or you might choose to take the Col de Loze chairlift to take in the stunning vistas afforded you from the summit of Dou des Lanches. Return via the Dou des Lanches chairlift followed by the La Tania gondola. The free shuttle buses will take you back to Le Praz.

A2) Saulire / Pierres Plates
To access the highest point in the resort, take the Verdons gondola from Courchevel 1850 and then the Saulire tram. To take a stroll on the Meribel side of the slopes, follow the edge of the ski run to connect with the Pas du Lac or Burgin gondolas.

A3) Bel Air
From Courchevel 1650, take the Ariondaz gondola. Once you are high upon the slopes of Mont Bel Air, bask in the bright sunshine and take in the magnificent views provided by 2050 metres of elevation.

Prices in £*

up your muscles, increase your cardiovascular capacity and burn up more calories by walking with poles. A physical activity within everyone's reach. Initiation on Monday mornings from 9.30 to 11.30am or from 4.30pm to 6.30pm.: £20*/pers. or £150* private engagement (poles supplied).


Discover the Sky
- by Plane

Aeroclub des 3 Vallees
- Professional pilot and mountain instructor: Robert Christin
- 4 passenger aeroplane: • CESSNA 172 • JODEL D 140
Tourist flights (mini. 2 pers./flight - half price for children under 12):
First mountain flight (15 mn): *£35 3 Valleys (30 mn): *£70
Others circuits on request
Officially registered flying school:
• Private pilots licence • Authorisation from the following altiports:
Courchevel, Meribel, Megeve, Alpe d'Huez • Mountain qualification.
• For young people from 14 to 21 yrs old: preparing for Aeronautic Brevet
d'Initation • Initiation exam • Mountain flight initiation • Flying discovering
• "A la carte" courses
Prices: • Membership subscription valid 12 months *£150
• One hour's flight with instructor *£156

Aeroclub du Dauphine - Courchevel
Flying school:
- Tuition for preliminary licence and private pilots licence.
- Training in the mountains with permission from the following sites:
Courchevel, Meribel, Megeve, Alpe-d'Huez.
- Mountain licence, wheels and skis.
Tourist flights:
Maiden mountain flights: *£35 / pers. 3 Valleys circuit: *£70 / pers.
Flight over the olympic resorts. Other circuits on request.
Choice of 2 planes: • CESSNA 172 (4 seats)
• MOUSQUETAIRE D 140 (4 seats, wheels + skis)

by Handgliding
Flight in a 2-seater hang glider. Recognised Paragliding and Hanggliding Certificate.
Professional glider with 30 years' experience at the summit of the Vizelle (2,650 metres).

by Helicopter
• Helicopter pilots school
• Maiden flights
• Tourist flights: Mont Blanc tour, The 3 unforgettable moment!

by Paragliding
• Pleasure flights on a tandem paraglider with Craig, British and French qualified instructor. 17 years of experience an commitment to your pleasure and safety.
Price :*£ 90


Buggy Kart Cross

On ice, on snow or on dirt according to the weather conditions.

Steering discovering and improvment courses on a specially made circuit for adults and for young people from 14 years of age with an adult passenger. Passengers from 5 years old only with adult driving.

Open every day from 2pm. For groups, in the morning or in the afternoon (reservation compulsory). Price: *£40 (equipment provided/ 10 mn)


Multislide Cocktail

Snow rafting - An introduction to snowmobile driving - Tasting local products in a mountain refuge. Toboggan descent.
Rates: from *£62 /pers.


Caterpillar Driving

Drive a 200 cc basher with an instructor on various circuits. Price: *£100/pers.


Quad on Snow
• Initiation on a closed and groomed circuit. Over 18 years old and with a driving license. Open only few day in the week. Price *£30 for 12 min.

• On snow or on dirt according to the weather conditions. Steering discovering and improvment courses on circuit. Open every day from 2pm. For groups, in the morning or in the afternoon (reservation compulsory). Quad Grand Prix's organised. Prices (equipment provided/ 10 mn): Quad Kymco 250 KXR : *£30


• programme: initiation and driving school on a circuit.
Tandem from 45 ?
Discovery outing single seater 1 hour *£80
Sporty outing single seater 1 hour *£96
Private group (max. 9 in group) 1 hour *£450
- Snowmobile races for individuals and groups, banked turns, cambered
tracks, chicanes... and hot wine. Races with free and endurance trials.
Prices: *£60
- Snowmobile rides + tobogganing
Snowmobile race followed by tobogganing on the slopes.
Finish at the centre of Courchevel 1850. Minimum age 16.
2 days per week, from 6pm per person *£80

• Snowmobile outings, 1 hour.
Departure: Ferme du Pralong (altiport road).
Prices: 1 or 2 passenger(s) / machine: *£100
Passenger with the guide *£40
Private guiding *£45


Ice Skating
The ice skating rink will be opened from December 30th 2006 to April 22nd 2007.
Every day from 3pm to 7pm

Extra session from 9pm to 11pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. Open every day from 3.00pm to 7.30pm during the French School Holidays (from Dec. 30th to Janurary 7th and from Feb. 10th to March12th 2007); extra session from 9pm to 11pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Extra session at 2pm in case of bad weather conditions.

Attention: the ice skating rink will be closed from December 1st to 28th 2006 included ("Femmes en Or" , Courchevel 60' years anniversary and "TV-Ice skating Gala"), and on January 4th 2007 ("Ice skating Gala").

It is likely to be closed later on so that special events can be organised. .
Prices: Adults *£4.80
Children *£3.20
Skate hire *£3.20


First time climbers every evening from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.
Equipment provided. First climb:*£8 per person.
Tarzan's creeper in the "Atrium" in the Forum:*£8 per person.


Other Activities
8 international competition lanes open to all from 5 years old.
Open every day from 11am to 2pm.
Billards and video games.

You have the choice between several fitness centre or well-being centre (sauna, hammam, Jacuzzi, spa, massages...)

During the winter season, from December 12th 2005 to April 24th 2006, the library is open on Mondays and Fridays from 5pm to 7pm, on Wednesdays from 3pm to 7pm. The rest of the year: on Wednesdays from 3pm to 7pm and on Fridays from 5pm to 7pm.

Tournaments equivalent to French Bridge Federation (FFB) standard at 4.30pm daily.
The Club is open daily from 3pm.
Lessons and game with commentary.

Le Tremplin - Courchevel 1850
Answering machine cinema guide : +33 (0) 479 08 22 39
Le Terminal - Courchevel 1850
Answering machine cinema guide : +33 (0) 479 08 00 19
Le Villard - Courchevel 1650
Answering machine cinema guide : +33 (0) 479 08 25 01


Cultural Activities
Learn more about Baroque art and appreciate its beauty. Savoy has approximately twenty churches including the Saint-Bon church dating from the end of the XVIIth century. Guided visits and circuits are organised by the FACIM.

• Discovery outings: the gateway to the Vanoise (Pralognan, Champagny), Spa towns (Brides-les-Bains, Aix-les-Bains).
- Outings to Val d'Isere, Chamonix, Albertville, Annecy, Chambery. Daily program or custom made.
- Val Thorens: ski there longer and be driven home at the end of the afternoon to Courchevel in a saloon car or minivan.
• The colours of the mountains within reach, great alpine passes to glaciers, luminous summits, perched villages, the beauty of lakes, the wealth of the valleys. Discover the soul and patrimony of an alpine region with tourist excursions (4 to 8 people per minibus).

Make the most of your stay in Courchevel by visiting the olympic ski jump stadium at Courchevel 1300/Le Praz.

The history of Courchevel with a guide.
• Visit of Courchevel 1850 (2h) - in french.

Program of 2007/2008 not available.

Whether you want to learn classical or elaborated recipes regarding first courses, fishes, meats or deserts, Michel Rochedy welcomes you in his kitchen from 9.00am to 11.00am to deliver to you his crafty hints and tips.
Price: 1 morning: *£75

Language and computer courses for children and adults: professional training, private tuition and groups.
• Multimedia: PC with CD Rom, language laboratory, video, relaxation learning booth, e-learning.
• Teaching methods: communicative methods including role play and conversation exercises.

Activities for festivals, birthdays, groups or seminars are available; please contact us for further information!


* All prices are Sunshine World Ltd's own prices and we reserve the right to change them at any time

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