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What can be more honest than the testimony of people who had previously never heard of Sunshine World? Like you they didn't KNOW what to expect. Here's what past Sunshine World guests have had to say at the end of their holidays:

I love Sunshine World
Cos it rocks
Big time


Hey Dudes
Cheers for sorting us out with an awesome week. Def wanna come back and once again conquer “sausage mountain”!



You are all awesome! Had an awesome week. Really didn’t think I would be capable of what I was today after a week and that’s all down to your coaching!
Take it easy boys and ill check you all out next time when ill put you to shame!
Nice One!!



Thank you for all your help guys. Never known instruction like this on any ski holiday (excellent!). Overall value for money was amazing and very well run! Would recommend to anyone! And have never been given beers on the bus on the way to the resort! (amazing!) and Louisa was very nice and talked to us on the way here!

Lessons were fantastic. Had great one on one sessions and progressed to black runs after just a few days of learning to snowboard.


Hey Alan,
I liked your hug the other day!
Al you are all my fantasies!!
Love you
Jenny and nikki


Great number of slopes to snowboard on. Rockin!

It was nice and laid back, but we still learned loads, and great to have different slopes.


Great instructors and variety of slopes. Lots of fun and learned loads!

Sausage cabbage!! Really good fun, learned lots… Instructors were right dotes!! Loved the slopes!! All the injuries are healed up woohoo… Friday was the best slope!!


Thanks a lot for everything. Had a great time, very well organised but still relaxed and enjoyable. Great slopes. Thanks again xxxx


Great instructors, brilliant training, lots of fun. Thank you!!!


Great lessons and instructors, very helpful, loads of class slopes


I really learned about commitment, teamwork, perseverance, courage, love and steadfast. It was gas!!!


Helpful instructors, good location, wanna come back!!!


I thought it was the most wonderful experience I have ever had and I felt and feel so blessed to have had the chance to have such a good time with such wonderful people and thanks to the great and awesome instructors! So cool guys!


Wonderful instructors, leaders, and very helpful and friendly. Really wanna come back again – had so much fun gonna miss you guys – love ya xxx


Well organised, met all my expectations. Thanks for everything (ta till next year)
Mark D


Truly impressed by the level of progression in snowboarding for all participants. To see guys who only started 3 days prior, hitting kickers and the rainbow was an amazing sight. I’m looking forward to seeing you bros next year.


Dear Alan and sunshine word team, Thank you for making our holiday so special. You’re a star!
Thanks for a great week. Organisation, tuition, skiing 10/10
Hot wine, alcohol 100/10
Gillian, Len, Georgina, Jonathan


Yay sunshine world!

Yo yo yo,
Hows it goin. Cheers for an awesome week! It was really fun and the instruction was cool!!
Def be back next year… look forward to it… You better not forget me! Lol…
Cheers guys.
Love (lots of) Alice xx   (lil morg)


Hey guys,
Thanks for a really awesome time! Both on the slopes and in the evening too!!! Thank you for being sooo patient with me – esp. Tony, even when I was having a paddy half way down the slope! Hope Anna isn’t too mad with us! Lol. Hopefully see you again – maybe next year?! Thanks again luv dawn x


To all the team at sunshine world thanks for a fab week. Great instruction and a good laugh from start to finish..


Alright geezer!
A f**king mahusive spanks for this week. Been awesome! And had the best 1st birthday you’ve ever had! Hopefully c ya in the future Blobs xxxx


Dudes sorry for random scribbling but I am now a convicted snowboarding fan because of you guys


Cheers for the legendary tuition. Went really fast. When you are each back in England it will be time for us to teach you kitesurfing. Andy


Hey guys, thanks for an awesome week! Gaz thanks for looking after me when I fell off the chair lift! Hopefully see you next year.
Nicky xxxx


Cheers guys, had a great week thanks for all your effort and awesome tuition, you’re off-piste knowledge is sweet!


Guys thanks for looking after us. You’ve made the holiday one to remember. Cheers from the Cheltenham team x
Alan, I think I want to have your children!!
Love the “nan” crew xx (not in a gay way)


Dear Alan and Sunshine World team,
You said you hoped that everyone would take a special memory of their time on holidays with you and you have 100% succeeded! We are taking with us many wonderful memories that we will treasure forever. Thank you for all the love a care you show to every single one of your guests! We will miss you! Hope to see you soon.
Love, Rosa x Teo x


Sunshine World team,
Thanks for a wonderful introduction to skiing and “après ski”. Organisation and welcome first and foremost fab! The whole team worked really hard to make this a trip I would recommend to all,
Thanks again love Gillian, Len, Georgina and Jonathan


To Alan and sunshine world team,
I’ve had a really fun time here and I really like skiing too, can I come and work with you when I’m older? Pleeease,
From Adam Tankard


To sunshine world, thank you for a good time.
Love from gemma


Thanks alan and sunshine world for everything aspecially for snowmobiling

I love your passion
Thanks for a fab time, peace and love
Marcel with a broken arm


Wicked times and happy endings sunshine world thanks for all


To Alan, Chris, Amy, Gaz, Marina and Bartek
Unfortunately we must go home but we had the best time eva! Our first ski holiday and hopefully not our last. Had a great laugh and learnt to ski and board. Thanks for such a personal experience it was like being on holiday with your mates. You haven’t seen the last of us, we are determined to become expert boarders. So you will see us again soon. Don’t forget to wash your socks, and if you ever swing by Dublin we can take you drinking (our main sport). Good luck with the season.

Love Marisa and Jason

P.S. Apologies for the terrible writing, in the car using my phone as a light!!!


1st Impressions couldn’t have been any better. A few cold beers to keep us smiling through the journey. Our chalet was great, the meals were homemade and really very good. The Skiing was fantastic, real good slopes and jumps, and the instructor was awesome! Apart from being a great skier he is a great instructor. Alan – the instructor, had me side grinding a funbox haha. I’ve only been skiing 3 weeks. Anywho I really do recommend sunshine world holidays. You will not be disappointed. You will have a great time and meet great people.

Terry M


Thank you sunshine world, for giving me this experience. I have never been skiing yet the instructors were so encouraging. And the hospitality at our chalet was fantastic! Every morning to afternoon we would go skiing and I enjoyed every moment of it. So I’d like to thank all the staff at Sunshine World.



To all the Sunshine World Team “dzien kuje” Thanks for the great holiday even though the snow was a little sparse we had a blast!! Top times – Beer, roosters, Genesis and skiing – Slovakia and Auschwitz also good. Everyone appreciates all the staffs’ work. Hopefully see you again.

Carol, Scott, Mark, Sharon, Kate, Andy, Alisa and Stuart
Bella Ski club, Scotland


Great time had by all. Keep up the good work. Go Andre and Bartek.
Carton Family


We have had a really great week away and have enjoyed meeting everyone very much indeed. The families have been excellent company and we are very sorry to be leaving so soon.
Managed to practise some polish and speak a bit of Russian! I thought that everything was very friendly and personable and the chalet was family-friendly.
Spent most of the week thinking how much I would love to have a go living out here – so if you ever need a Russian-speaker just let me know!

Shirley O’Riordan


Team Edwards Says… Thank you, for a fantastic holiday! We’ve had a lovely time, (with a few bruises along the way!) It’s been a lot of fun and we’ve learnt to ski!!
Thanks again!
Katya Edwards, Oliver


Thank you!!!
I’ve had so much fun! I can actually ski now! Thank you again!
Chris Edwards


To Alan, Chris and team thanks very much for a great ski holiday. The tuition was 2nd to none on all stages my family have came on leaps and bounds with a culmination of black and reds, superb. I would like to wish you and your team all the best for the future.
George, Karen

P.S. We will be back


To Alan and the team.
Its not often that you are asked to comment on an adventure, but that’s exactly what my family and myself have had, an adventure. The hotel’s down to earth personal touch has kept all of us guessing what to expect next. The skiing has been awesome, the measure of progression thought fantastic tuition (all of it a laugh rather than a chore) is near immeasurable. All of our needs from top to bottom, our chalet was perfect, was as absolutely catered for. I couldn’t wish for a more perfect holiday and can’t wait until my family are part of the whole experience again.

James reid, Janet and shauna


What I found good about sunshine world is where they took us to different ski slopes instead of one. And I liked it how the holiday reps treat you like a friend and not just someone you have to teach. I liked the different ski classes (even though I didn’t attend to a lot of them) because if you just had one class, people may not have the same ability as everyone else! So it was good that they set them in 3 different groups!

Well it was great coming here, and the ski reps were ace!
Prob come back next hol!

Love yaz

To sum up a Sunshine World Holiday in one word can't be done, but the
closest word to it has to be "legendary".
With an all star cast of MTV Jackass to Darth Vader and Pussy Galore,
the rating is mind blowing, and every minute will be breath taking.
"Obstacles are what you see when you take your mind off of the goal"
and with the level of instruction and confidence boosting that has
been provided there has never been any obstacles. Time to hit those
black runs and off piste like a rat out of a trap for one last time
before hitting the countdown to our next trip. Bring on 2007. Best of
luck with everything!
Sunshine World is living proof dreams exist so don't ever stop dreaming."
Mark "Corky" Rhodes - British Sailing Coach ( 01.06
"You will go far if you carry on like this. I'm sure the winter will
be good to y'all - enjoy the White Madness, Thanks!"
Mike Cole 12.05
"Dear Alan and Sunshine World, may you live and prosper"
Margaret Cole 12.05
"Skiing is great love Monet x x Team Xtreme. Alan's the best love Monet."
Monet Huie 12.05 age 7
Thank you so much for an amazing weekend! So much fun in so little
time. This experience will stick in mine and Monet's memory forever.
You are all fantastic! Love Jessica x"
Jessica Huie 12.05 - Max Clifford Associates PR
"Yvonne Brown Dec 05 - Scotland
PROMISES DELIVERED!!! Plus so much more... Great instruction, great
company and the food was splendid (ask James his nickname is now
Oliver Twist!) I can honestly say that I've had one of the best
holidays ever and can't wait to come back.
Best of luck in 2006 love Yvonne x"
Yvonne Brown 12.05
"Guys, thanks so much for the awesome week! It has been one of the
most memorable holidays we have had. The snowboarding and skiing was
absolutely amazing and we appreciate all the time and effort you guys
put in to make it a fantastic experience... Enjoy the wicked winter!!
Love Clay and Julz Ps. Sorry about the door, it was James (Haha!)"
Clayton Scott and Julia 12.05

"Jan 2006 5 - 14th.
Guys, thanks so much! Had an amazing time- you've got it well sorted. Jonathan"

Jonathan Llewellyn- Head of PR, Most Wanted PR 01.06

"Alan, many thanks for a ****ing brilliant first holiday. For me it is
one I'm never gonna forget, all you guys are awesome. Take care and
hopefully see you again soon Baz"
Mark Barrett 01.06
"Yo Alan + Crew, Yeah Boi! Jan 2006
What can I say- ****ing Amazing! Gutted I've gotta go home.
Snowboarding is Top + Ski Doo's are out of this world! Email Add is
........ Keep in Touch, Will Definitely be coming back soon. Be cool, take
care. Azz"
Aaron Brett 01.06
"Ous Boi. Have had an excellent week staying here, not only on the
snowboard but out on the town as well. I think you're all brilliant
guys especially Dan + James. Alan, thanks for teaching me how to
snowboard. I never thought I would do it so well in just one week. See
you all next season! Chris (Littlepants) Ps Tomasz is also a cool guy"
Chris Hogben 01.06
"Sick holiday. Bye bye. Will miss all your company + skiing. Will see
you next year + keep in touch in the meantime. Thanks for everything.
Love Susie xxxx"
Susannah Foulerton 01.06
"SUNSHINE WORLD TEAM, Thanks so much for this amazing holidays! That's
the way: A few beers + skiing = Ground! Hope to see you again... Muito
Obrigado (Portugese) Reinaldo"
Reinaldo Morgado 01.06
"I never thought I'd be able to ski but thanks to you guys I feel like
Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards! Thanks a million! See you all next year.
Stuart Glover 01.06
"Fellas, thanks for taking me from startled rabbit to vicious snow
squirrel via snowplough, flaming cocktails and earplugs- what a ride!
See you soon. Love Patrick"
Patrick Hussain 01.06
Guys. Crazy Funny guys! Nice to be here this lovely week. I had too
much fun. Hope to see you again. Happy New Year. Keep going like this-
maybe it's a bit more professional to have a properly nice business.
Thanks Julio (Brazil)"
Julio Godoy 01.06
Great team, great product. You boys will go far."
John Hill Editor + Pubisher, The Good Ski Guide 01.06
"I'm loving it"
All the best to Alan and the boys, see you in 2007
Richie P."
Richard Pedelty 01.06
"To Sunshine World Team,
Thanks for an amazing holiday. Too many highlights to mention. Can't
believe made it down that black run... (expert tuition!)
What a buzz this sport is def. gonna keep it up and plan to come back
and send it harder next year.
Keep on rockin (try not to kill yourself Alan!)
C U next year Andrew - (Hula Ninja)"
Andrew Pedelty 01.06
We Came
We Saw
And we HAD IT hard."
Pete and Steve, Editors, World Snowboard Guide 01.06
"Thank you for a fab week it's been great! I am really annoyed that we
were only out for a week, needed a month! Boarding was great plus
skiing. Thanx. It was great seeing bro 2. Love ya all, Shelley"
Shelley Pink 01.06
"To the Sunshine World Team,
Cheers for the good time + teaching me to ski. Cya in the future, Ryan
and Grant"
Ryan King 01.06
"To Alan, Dan + James,
Thanks for a great week in the "Sunshine" Wicked time, great snow.
Oooooh the Vodka and the ladies were fun!! Keep up the good work I'm
sure we will meet again!
Keep in touch.
Jim Hoey"
James Hoey- International DJ 02.06

"Alan + Co
Cheers for a great time, learnt loads- keep persevering"
"28.01.06 - 04.02.06
Alan, Had a great week. Did more skiing in 1 week than I have done in
the last 2 years. Great stuff. Shame about the crash!
ALL THE BEST Mark Evans"

Mark Evans 02.06

"28th January - 4th February 2006
"What a Holiday" I have boarded more KM in one week than in last 3YRS.
The board down from the cable car was out of this world off piste
through the trees was fantastic. The holiday would not have been the
same without the instruction from Alan, James, Dan and Tony and all
the help from Tomasz with the language.
Well done all thanks for a great week.
Darren Boyd- Brighton (Manchester)"
Darren Boyd 02.06
Thanks for the great holiday - It did exactly what it said on the tin.
You have a great team in Dan, Tomasz and James. Look after them and
they will look after you. Look forward to coming back next year for a
repeat performance.
You've got what it takes to be a great instructor + Rep. Thanks for
the evening guiding as well as the daytime.
You made it happen for us. Without you we'd probably still be trying
to get a cab. Hope to see you and the guys next year.
Jon Weal, Mildenhall, Suffolk"
Jonathan Weal 02.06
"Big thanks to the whole Sunshine World team for making this holiday
possible, I've had an amazing time.
Massive thanks to Alan for improving my snowboarding, feels so much
better after this holiday and I've learnt loads of new things to do on
a board.
Massive thanks as well to Dan and James. Had a real laugh with you
both and you both bring extra character to Sunshine World.
Hope to see you all again soon!"
Anthony Gruszczynski 02.06
"To the Sunshine World Team.
What a great time. Really really pushed the boat out to make sure that
all the guys had a great time. You have a great product and carry it
out so well. Alan- your instruction is World class- you so understand
how your students' minds work and build huge confidence in my
boarding. Tomasz really is a find and his affect should not be
underestimated. Dan- you will be ace as an instructor...
Martin (The ski-dooing was also FAB!)"
Martin 02.06
This has been the best skiing holiday in my 15 years of winter
holidays. I am proud that you hopefully learned a few things when you
were kind enough to help me in my go-karting business last year. You
have done a brilliant job, I wish you every success- you deserve it!
YOUR staff and in particular Tomasz and Dan are a credit to you,
whatever else you do- keep them on-side, they're great! My personal
thanks to James- the Academy boy who, while he "aint perfect" has the
potential, I believe, to be an important and useful part of your team,
with your help and support. Finally anything I can do to help always
From your friend,
Martin Howell,
Managing Director
Plascape Pro Racing Ltd
Club 100 Racing Ltd
The World's foremost Karting Company"
Matin Howell 02.06
"Alan and the boys
Many thanx
Great hols
C U next year!
Sean Davis 02.06
Cheers big-ears for an ace holiday- best we've had in some time, and
quite possibly the best skiing holiday. Thanks for the crate of beer.
It's a shame we only had a week here but our fans miss us and our 7
star skiing so we'll leave you and maybe see you again at New Year.
We'll keep in touch, love,
Your mom (Sarah and Phil)"
Sarah Cruickshank 02.06
"From Neil + Milo (the Fish) + Ansel (the Great!)
Fantastic location, teaching and most of all Fun!! (And badges to boot!)
Milo, aged 9- 1st time skier "I enjoyed skiing and I want to come again."
Ansel, aged 7- "I wish we can come back again so we can see you"
Many thanx N+M+A."
Neil Garner 02.06
"Just wanted to say many thanks for a wonderful and memorable few
days. It was great to get back on skis again- after 30 years!- But
best of all was the tuition and the care you all took. Great human
touch- Michelle (6) will be especially thankful for Alan's close
attention: her badge is being carefully guarded! Keep up the good
work! All the best and many congrats for a great set-up. Justin, Rita,
Michelle + Xavier"
Justin Keay, Deputy Editor CNBC European Business Magazine, 02.06
"Dear Alan!
Thank you for letting me go skiing with you.
From Michelle"
Michelle Keay, age 6, 02.06
"To Alan, Dan, James and Tomasz,
Thank you for being helpful kind and funny
Thank you
Emily, Alex, Ben, Paula and Phil and everyone else"
Ben Milton, age 9, 02.06
"24 February
Al, Dan, James + Tomasz
I feel proud of myself - and you did that
Thank you, love always
Julie Szabo 02.06
"We really like Tomasz from the Swedish Viking. Ski 0 Snowboard 10. Alex"
Alexander Karlsson 02.06
"I've learned how to ski! The black run was brilliant, the part in the
woods absolutely lovely. Thanks for great instruction! Juni"
Juni Andrell 02.06
"To Alan, Dan, James and Tomasz
Thank you for teaching us you are great.
(Emily) I have learned a lot, you were all brilliant and kind from
Alex, Ben, Emily, Paula and Phil"
Emily Hudson, age 11, 02.06
"Thanks loads Alan, Dan and James you were so good Fun. I really
enjoyed myself. Dan and James were really cool and played with us. I
leant a lot off Alan, Dan and James. But Alan poses too much. The
group that we were with were really nice. But Alan is good fun as well
and was a brilliant Instructor.
Thanks Alex"
Alex Milton, age 12, 02.06
"Big thanks to Tomasz, James and Dan for providing great childcare
whilst I went skiing!! You made the holiday for us all.
Personally I had a great time and the last run was awesome...
Thanks Phil."
Phillip Milton 02.06
"To all the Sunny Skiing guys,
A big Thankyou to you all, Alan, Dan, Tomasz and especially James, who
was so patient + kept us company... Hope to see you soon,
Love Eleanor"
Eleanor 03.06
"Thanks loads for a wonderful holiday, we'll be back! Bernadette"
Bernadette Murray 03.06
"Thankyou to all the gang @ Sunshine World, especially James who lead
me down the mountain backwards!
All the best, Kathryn"
Kathryn Smith 03.06
"Guys- Coool! Rock 'n' Roll!!! Duncan (temporary Irishman)"
Duncan Aitken 03.06
It was absolutely brilliant!!
2 words- "Empowerment" + "Fun"
Thank you,
Margaret Collins 03.06
"Thanks guys for a really great skiing holiday. What a unique style
you have to teach and get everyone more confident. I have never been
so scared in my whole life but the joy at the end is so worth it.
Best of luck with the business, Mags/Margaret"
Margaret O'Connor 03.06
"Thanks for taking all the hassle out of skiing and making it the best
holiday EVER
Barry Vaughan 03.06
"Thanks Alan for all the excellent training all week. Thanks also to
James, Dan + Tomasz for their support and company. Best of luck for
the future of "Sunshine World".
Angela Long 03.06
"Many thanks Alan for an entirely different experience + especially
for bringing me on my first ever BLACK run!
Marjorie Connolly 03.06
"Thanks for a great holiday I couldn't ski at the start of the week +
you guys had me going down a black run at the end! Thank you so much
James, Alan + Dan. Lots of love Miriam"
Miriam 03.06
"Dear Batman, Yoda, James + Tomasz,
We had a lovely week. With snow to rival the best resorts in the alps,
(snow and sun at the same time too!)
Thanks for finally getting me to commit to that grab, when I was being
such a wuss! Now I can say "I've done it!"
You're all doing a really good job and keep doing the things that define you.
Thanks for having us.
Cheers ma dears!
Christine + Dick x x x"
Christine Ottery, journalist, Snow Magazine, 03.06
"Sunshine World Geezers!
Alan, thanks so much for a fantastic week, you made us feel so
welcome, I'm sure 2007 will be even better too! Put our names down ta
muchly like!!
Tomasz (Mint bloke), Dan, James all top blokes, can't say much more
than thanks a million. Rambling on now so here's my lovely lady lips
to say a few words! Ta.
Ps:What a wicked group of top people we had, Nice!
Cheers, Martin xx"
Martin Goode 03.06
"Cheers guys for an amazing holiday, I never thought I'd be
snowboarding after a week, cheers Alan!! Hope the rest of the season
goes well for you all, and hope to see you in 2007.
Loads of love,
Emily xxx
Oh and Alan thanks for kicking my head in and your leg was a great
romp!!! Xxx xx xx"
Emily Maycock 03.06
"Alanski! Jim n D!
The Grin on my face after my first Red and after going off piste and
grabbing 2 ? metres of air- those are the memories that I will
remember most.
Thanks James for the adventure day of Friday, Dan for day 1 and Alan
for the whole thing.
See you next year for a fun down the slopes on a clear day.
All my thanks (and love to Alan but not in a gay way unless you pay good money!)
Daniel Newman, Film Star 03.06
"It may have taken me a week to get down the blue confidently but I'll
be back with the black only a dream away.
Thanx for a fantastic week.
Vanessa x"
Vanessa Newman 03.06
"Our week!
It has been a learning time for me. From being a nonskier to being
able to get down a RED run in one piece! Many thanks to the Team :)
Big up to James."
Rick Lawrence 03.06
"Had a great week. My skiing has come on so much more than I ever
would have imagined and from Craig being a 1st timer to tackling red
runs + slaloms (+ Craig saving my life:)
Many thanks Alan + Team,
All the best
Mark + Craig"
Mark Garrett 03.06
"Thanks Alan,
It's been an awesome week, hope to see you all soon! Sarah x"
Sarah 04.06
"Thanks Alan, Dan, James and Tomasz!! It was amazing! Definitely back
again next year. Take care and have fun.
Love Lily x x x x"
Elisabeth Keeble 04.06
"To all the guys at Sunshine World a big thank you for the great
tuition and brilliant sking. Will definitely recommend you to friends
for the future. All the best! Martin (The unfortunately sickly one!)"
Martin Potter 04.06
"Thanks to all the guys at Sunshine World, especially James for his
patience and encouragement. It's been a great week. Chartelle"
Chartelle 04.06
"Cheers for a great week Sunshine World! From beginner to Black run in
6 days. I would never have thought it. Long live Ryszard! Matt"
Matthew Stuart 04.06
"To all.
Thanks for a good week, my falling and flying through the air has come
on no end. I look forward to sending you my hospital bill!! Ryan ?"
Ryan 04.06
"Had an excellent time. Tomasz + Alan were great apart from Alan
nicking me bird last night. Cannot leave my name as I may come back
with my real one."
Ryan 04.06
"Dear all,
Thanks for a fantastic week guys! Hopefully see you again nest year!
Love Juliet"
Juliet Sarah Stevens 04.06
"Hi guys,
Thanks for a wicked holiday. I had the best time and I'll hopefully
see you again nest year. Take care and have fun. Kate xxx"
Kate Tyler 04.06
"You all stink. Have a Bath!
Didn't want to start like every one else, needless to say I had a great time.
But I do have one complaint. I don't think it is fair that you guys
get to do this all year. Share the love man.
Thanks Al for teaching me to ski.
Thanks Dan for introducing me to your lovely sister AND being an all
round nice guy.
James, was good watching you come in and out of conciousness and
wicked skiing dude!
Tom, thanks for convincing Kasha to come out.
Basically see you all soon dudes.
Thomas Gillingham- Sutton
Ps. Chris you're not funny! "
Thomas Gillingham Sutton 04.06
"To the whole crew,
Thanks for everything, this would have been a longer note if Tom
hadn't written that essay above!! But we have to leave now!!
Cheers guys!
Allan 04.06
"To Alan + every one else,
Thanks for making this the best holiday in the world I don't really
want to go but I have to. I wish I could stay at least for another
week. It wouldn't of been this good without you guys. P.s. THANKS FOR
Ethan Newland age 10 04.06.2006
"Please get a vegetarian cook book for the chef next year!! Thanks for
a great time,
Damian, Heidi + Ethan"
Damian Jones 04.06
"Alan and the team,
Thanks to you all for getting Cath down her first black on her first
week. Wish you all the best.
James- you're a star!!
James and Cath, Yorkshire"
James Gallimore 04.06
"Alan and crew,
Brilliant experience of my first try at skiing. Black runs eh!
Recommend your set up "learn to ski" packages, I'll bring my hockey
mates, Cath"
Catherine 04.06
"Alan, James, Tomasz, Dan,
Great week, excellent coaching I learnt a lot. Top bunch of blokes.
Thanks for a great week. Hopefully see you next year. Good luck for
the future.
Mike Regan"
Mike Regan 04.06
"To the Crew,
A HUGE Thankyou to everyone. I have had a fantastic time here, can't
wait to come back!
Hope to see you all again soon,
All my love,
X x x"
Kerry Pink, Sunshine World Academy Member 03.2006- 04.2006
"To all,
Thanks 4 a great week. Great skiing and great entertainment. You're
all a great bunch of blokes! Alan Thank-you for organising the best
week ever. Dan I'll be back to learn to board. Chris happy birthday
and you'll pass your examiners course with skiing colours. Tom your
English is great good luck with the language school! And last but hell
not least James- Dude have a drink- JOKE give us a call when you're
home and we'll show you how we do it our style. Here's one for you...
I am ibble dibble number one with no ibble dibbles and I pass the
ibble dibble to ibble dibble number 2 with no ibble dibbles!
All the best, lots of hugs,
Dan, Chelle + Sophie
Daniel Aspey-Jones 04.06
"Thank you for teaching me to ski love Sophie x- one 4 Alan x- one 4
James x- one 4 Dan x- one 4 Tom x- one 4 Chris"
Sophie, age 6, 04.06
"To Alan, Dan, James, Chris + Tom,
Cheers 4 a brilliant week, not 2 be forgotten! Skiing rocks dudes, I'm
definitely coming back. Thanks 4 a wicked night on our first evening
James- all memories- Dan you lightweight!! Haa. Scary
shop-next-door-guys. Be careful with that one... Cards has never been so
much fun- hey, stop that BUZZ James! And guys, you know who really won
that snowball fight- seeing as I was properly outnumbered! Thanks
again Alan, it's got to be one of the best weeks ever.. Stay in touch
guys. James I'm teaching you how 2 skate!!
Love huggles and kisses! Elle x x x x"
Elena Odyseos 04.06
"To Alan, James, Dan, Chris and Tom,
A huge thankyou for a fantastic week you have given us, we have had
such a great time. Skiing is excellent. The memories we have will stay
with us forever.
Thanks again guys. See you soon.
Loads of love from Katie, Paul and Robbie xxxx"
Katie Buttaci 04.06
"To Alan, James, Tom, Chris and Dan,
Sorry wasn't able to thank you before we left. But wanted you to know
how much this week has helped us since we lost our little girl Chloe.
I didn't think I could handle a break away but with all yor help,
entertainment and laughter I can easily say I (we) did. (even though I
was too ill to socialise-Drink)
Cheers for all the skiing. You've def. got us hooked now.
All the best next season,
Stuart + Denise
(Cheers again for all the germ remedies James x)"
Stuart Moss 04.06
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